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Pink Panda N99CV



Pink Panda N99CV


Product description

PINK PANDA Playfulness Pinkness for your Health. Perfect for those who are into the Pink Vibe and love Pandas.

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Vogmask Europe Dust Mask Pink Panda - N99 - Reusable Filtering Mask

It's a high quality, reusable designer respirator mask for high particulate matter (PM 2.5 - up to 0,3 micron!), germs, pollen, mold and other airborn contaminants.

This Vogmask has an active carbon filter middle layer (coconut shell derived), and one way exhale valve to facilitate easy breathing on exhale.

The one way exhale valve is the round disk on the mask. It is activated by inhalation when the seal positions into the valve and prevents any unfiltered air from entering the mouth and nose. Upon exhalation, the exhaled air exits through the valve making it very easy to exhale.

Featuring excellent fit, comfort, and design, microfiber Vogmask N99 has the EUROPEAN CERTIFICATE and meets NIOSH filter efficiency N99 standards, inhalation / exhalation resistance, and bacterial filtering efficiency in tests by FDA certified microbiology test lab, Nelson Labs, USA.

Premier Vogmask N99CV CE Certified FFP1 R [Reusable]

  • Quality Management and Product Safety
  • Available Small, Medium, Large Sizes
  • N99 filter layer, carbon filter, exhale valve

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