"I have been using a mask from another company for 2 years but rarely wore it because people always stared at me. Though at times I had no choice, life or death - I choose life! It was functional but didn't hold in place and I would need to hold it manually; either way I looked like a medical freak in it!! I was at a loss.

The day I discovered Vogmask was a very happy one indeed! I couldn't wait to receive my fashionable, Waves designed mask and the day it arrived was EPIC!! Absolutely loved it and have worn it all the time since with major confidence (I'm a fashion designer so style means a lot to me). It is super light weigjt, comfy & it stays in place due to the straps behind the ears. Thank God and thank you Vogmask!

Just so you know, I suffer from dust & pollen allergies, as well as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder (MCSD), Mast Cell Activation Disorder (MCAD) with Spontaneous Angioedema; also Rhinitis, so I simply can't be in public without a filter mask... or else I'm running out of shops or dogging people in the street who wear perfume! Yes it's that bad. But now I am getting out more and more, one day at a time. So far, so good!
One last thing is that the service was fantastic too and all in all, I highly recommend this product. No doubt that I will have a whole collection soon to match my clothing, as I now feel so at ease wearing the stylish and effective Vogmask."

♡♡Samiha.F (UK-London)


“Changed my life! I get asthma from irritants and allergies such as dander, pollen, perfumes, smoke, air fresheners, etc. Before using the mask, I constantly would get asthma attacks from these things. Now upon leaving the house, I put on my mask. I wear it to social events, shopping, etc. Even when exposed to the above triggers, I do not get asthma when wearing the N99 CV mask. I consider this mask the best money I have ever spent! I have no affiliation to Vogmask. I am simply a satisfied and happy customer.”

– Kristina W. from Eureka California


Thanks! I’ve been telling all of my asthmatic friends how this mask has helped me so much. I even went to my first movie in three years. I am so excited to start doing things that I could never do before. This mask is helping me so much. I love it!

Kristina Wakema 


"I have to say that I am impressed with how fast I received my item.  Further, I used the mask for part of my trip to work ( I cycle to work), and it worked fabulously.  I could not smell any vehicle fumes and my lungs feel great at work.  I notice a huge difference.  The majority of my ride is through a provincial park, but getting closer to my office, there is a stretch of road with busy traffic." 

Thank you -LG


"So we bought two of your Vogmasks and just used them at Burning Man. One of the days was a full white-out almost the whole day and your product worked flawlessly. Excellent, worth every penny." 
- Thank you. ‘Marc’
"I want to let you know how very much I like the mask I recently bought from Vogmask.  I bought it to use when I go to conventions but recently tried it just to test how well it would do.  The verdict?  It is wonderful!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for providing such a wonderful product." - Sincerely, Ann
"I never thought I'd wear a mask, but now that I have one, I can't imagine living without it."   - Julie Charron, Mother, Santa Cruz, California


"I feel much less anxious riding the subway when I'm wearing my mask. I'm not sure if it's because I'm protecting myself or because I feel like I can hide and no one can see me."   - Naomi Bayer, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Community Partners, New York City, New York


"Why would I want to breathe all that dust when I take out the garbage?"   

- Mark Quinn, Professional Drummer, Los Angeles, California


"Cleaning out the chicken coop will never be the same. I'm so relieved."   - Sarah Russell, Professional Baker and Mother, Santa Cruz, California

"I work in a bakery. I used to avoid some tasks like pouring flour because breathing so many particles, even of organic flour, made me get inflamed. Now I just put on my mask and there's no problem."   

- Shintaro Hato, Organic Baker, Santa Cruz, California

"I was snowboarding in British Columbia and it was very cold. I didn't have enough layers but I found my vogmask in my pocket and put it on. It was my most important layer and made me feel so much warmer."   

- Victor Meshberg, Developer,  New York City, New York

"I was flying home from New York and I had to sit right in front of someone who kept coughing and sneezing. It made me feel better to wear my vogmask and I didn't get sick over the winter holiday."   

- Daniel Siden, Designer, London, England


"I have been wearing a mask for many years.  I wear a mask while I am gardening or working on a car.  Vogmask is the most comfortable mask I have ever worn.  Also the ear loops are durable so I can reuse it over and over again." 

- Jay Finkelstein, Teacher, Mechanic, Lodi, California


"I just wanted to take a few minutes and say that I really like the masks that y'all make. I have pollen allergies to the point where I get sinuses that flip flop back and fourth between congestion and post nasal drip, constant sneezing and coughing, and the occasional nosebleed. Not to mention that I hate taking allergy medication because I don't know how I will react to it. Even the "non-drowsy" stuff can make me drowsy. If it doesn't, it feels like my chest is going to explode like the Chestbuster scene from Alien. I decided to try a mask on a whim and it really has helped. I bought a cotton mask and a microfiber mask. Y'all's masks feel so comfortable that I actually enjoy wearing one. Personally, I use y'all's mask in addition to nasal irrigation and they help so much. Anytime outside, I would sneeze my head off. Now, I don't do any of that at all. Thanks for helping to increase a niche market that has needed it for quite some time." 

- Blake in North Carolina


Ik draag mijn Vogmask nu een volledig jaar,en draag het steevast als ik door de stad fiets voor mijn werk van Hoboken richting Borgerhout,en terug.
Tijdens de pollenperiode,smog,mistig weer en bij zeer koude lucht zorgt Vogmask ervoor dat mijn astmatische klachten fel verminderd zijn.
Sinds het gebruik van het masker heb ik nog maar de helft van mijn medicatie nodig.
Vogmask is wel het meest comfortabele masker dat ik ooit gehad heb,
en gelukkig met veel hippe printjes. It makes me happy.?

Bewoner van Antwerpen - Belgium


Een ware aanbeveling van mijnentwege ... was in het begin wat twijfelachtig ten aanzien van het masker ... doch heb moeten constateren dat het wel degelijk een positief effect heeft op mijn ademhaling, alhoewel ik geen patient ben met longproblemen - astma, en dergelijke meer ... voel na een stevige avondwandeling of mijn fietstochten een meer energetische ervaring ... Mijn diepe erkentelijkheid voor George Arrendell voor de introductie en aanbeveling van VOGMASK ...

Groet, Roger